Cassio Pre-School or School Nursery?


Each year parents face the tough decision of whether to keep their child at Cassio Pre-School or send them to a school nursery. This decision can take into account many factors such as siblings already at school or proximity of Pre-school to home.


If your child is settled and happy at Pre-School, you don’t need to move them to a nursery at a local infant school. 


Your child is settled.

Your child is happy and setttled with us.  Why put yourself and your child through the stress of an unnecessary move to a School Nursery? Whether a child attends a School Nursery IS NOT taken into account in the decision
making process of the offer of a place in reception. Applications are made separately for Nurseries and Infant School. 

Our Staff are fully qualified and we follow the EYFS.  

We maintain a structured educational framework based on the Early Years Foundation Stage, the same as school nurseries. We also undergo OFSTED inspections.  However we have more flexibility to taillor the framework to meet every child's needs.  Our dedicated keyworkers track and develop each child's progress through regular observations, assessments and tailored planning. 


At Cassio your child will be paired with a dedicated keyperson from before their very first day with us.  This person is likely to remain unchanged throughout your child's journey at Cassio  This enables a strong relationship to develop, which allows the children to thrive.  No such scheme exists in a school nursery.

Hard Copy Portfolio

We maintain a portfolio for each child, recording and celebrating developments and achievements in line with the EYFS.  You will be given this portfolio to keep once your child leaves us.

Staff Ratio

Cassio Pre-School maintains minimum adult to child ratios of 1:8, we do not include our students or volunteers in this ratio so it is frequently higher. School nurseries are required to have an adult to child ratio of 1:13.


Unlike other pre-schools in the area we have the advantage of being a parent-run group. We consider it essential that parents play a large decision-making part in the lives of their children at Pre-school.  Each year a Committee of parents is elected who, with the staff, work for the smooth running of the group.

Cassio is well-equipped to get children school-ready, so they start reception as confident and happy individuals.