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The Nativity Play is held in the Church itself, with time afterwards for coffee, biscuits, a tombola and raffle. All parents, friends, grand-parents etc are welcome to join us. 

On the day of the Nativity Play, there is no afternoon session. At 10am, parents are invited into the Church and the children are organized by the teachers. The service includes carols and the nativity.  We then move into the hall, where there is tea, coffee, cakes; a tombola and raffle and often other activities. 

Bring your child dressed: please bring your child in whatever clothes are appropriate. The teachers will tell you what to wear in advance, and in many cases provide costumes.

Please don't arrive too early: it takes a lot of setting up, and to do that right we need space. That means that we won't open the doors until 10am and if you arrive early you'll just be hanging around outside. That's a great time to talk to other parents, of course.

Please bring money: Cassio would be insolvent if it were not for donations and fundraising because we firmly believe in using lots of resources as part of education and creative play. The events afterwards are meant to be part of our continuous fundraising efforts so please recognise that we are a charity when getting your coffee.

Please avoid driving: you'll get a ticket if you park on the street without a Zone D residents parking permit, and that costs £30. We have some parking spaces by the Church, but we're really limited. It really helps us if you can walk or cycle. For those that do drive, we'll pack the cars in tight. That means that people will double park, and you are unlikely to have a choice of when to leave.

Please think of others when taking photos and videos: it's a lovely event, but by getting a great view, you're probably stopping someone else's view. If you want to video, there's a great place to stand with the camera on the right of the stage. You get a great view, close up, and you won't be in the way of other people.

Any photos and videos must NOT be published on the Internet: it's illegal to post photos and videos of children without full parental consent. We don't attempt to get this, so any posting to any public photo or video website; or onto a website, cannot be accepted. We're perfectly happy for you to take pictures of your own child in the context of the play for your own benefit, though.