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End of Term Parties are really enjoyable mornings for the whole school, running from 10am through to 12:00pm for all children, including those normally in the Afternoon session.

Typically we start with a magic show,  then do some singing in the church while party food is prepared, and then we all sit down to eat the party food.  At Christmas, if the children have been good, Santa visits and gives all the children a present.

Around 12:00, doors are opened, and parents come to collect their children. That is the end of term, and we wish you all a happy holiday. Your children may not need lunch that day.

Food: about a week before the party, a notice goes up on the door with slots for the types of food we need for the party. Please sign up for as much as you can, and bring it with you at the start of the session. Thanks.

Helping Out: we need to have parents helping out. If you can help out, please put your name down on the food list.

Allergies/Special Dietary Needs: we always cater for dietary requirements. Make sure we know about them.

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